Taking Time Away from The Blog – Goodbye doesn’t mean forever!!

photographed by www.laurapower.co.uk

Hey loves, I wanted to write this post and let you know just why these lovely pages have been a bit quiet this week. With the exciting rebrand going on behind the scenes, a brand new website and working and talking with lots of new, talented suppliers to showcase to you lovely lot I have been incredibly busy!!

Here at Gwen’s Bridal Bazaar I feel a loyalty to my readers to only post informative and useful information which as I am sure you can imagine takes time to research and write. I LOVE everything about this part of being a blogger and I refuse to publish anything I don’t believe is quite up to scratch.

With everything going on behind the scenes here I have made the decision to focus my energy on making our new site – The Wedding Bazaar as amazing as it possibly can be ready for all of you to enjoy with us very soon!!

I hope all of you understand won’t be too disappointed, our new schedule will still stand when we relaunch and we truly want to be the go-to wedding blog to find quality, elegant weddings with truly talented suppliers to boot.

Our new blog pages will also see my first ever assistant come and join me!! Bronwyn is super lovely folks and I know you are really going to think she is great!! To begin with our sponsors are going to be chatting lots with her and she will also be putting in an appearance on these pages too!!

Thanks so much for all of your support during Gwens Bridal Bazaar and we hope you will all join us when we rebrand and launch as The Wedding Bazaar.

If you have any questions or need to chat in the meantime feel free to get in touch on facebook or twitter.

Goodbye for now and I shall see you soon,

Helen xx


The Vintage Wall – From Wedding Aisle to Home Style


Hey loves, today I am going to introduce you to one of my ultimate fave web destinations – The Vintage Wall!! What’s this all about then eh??

Well, it kinda goes without saying that lot’s of you won’t only be getting married – you will also be in the process of making your marital a home too!!! This got me to thinking when it comes to saving the pennies (as lets face it weddings and home owning are not cheap) why not style your wedding with some amazing eye candy that you can incorporate into your home afterwards??

vintage wedding styling

Sounds pretty blumin’ awesome right?? Well The Vintage Wall is a “vintiquing” haven which is literally bursting at the seams with one off “I need that in my life” pieces!! Whether you are after retro/quirky/quaint beauties this is your ultimate go-to place!!

vintage home

From individual stoneware bottles (perfect for wedding day blooms) to French wooden trugs (a great way to hand out confetti to guests) there are just endless possibilities and I promise once you check this site out you will be as hooked as me!!

vintage wall letters

My ultimate fave items at the moment have to be their eclectic variety of gorgeous letter and numbers they have!! From opulence to circus style fun, why not put a personal stamp on your day and spell out your names???

Tell me do you LOVE the vintage wall?? I have my eye on this gorgeous fibre optic sign right now!!

Helen xx


Britten Weddings – online and vintage inspired wedding accesories

Coco wedding bridal crystal statement headband by Britten

It’s no big secret that I am very much in touch with the “magpie” in me!!

So when I laid my eyes on the gorgeous vintage inspired accessories that are the Libertie 2014 collection by Britten Weddings at the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair, it was a no brainer – I HAD to feature these beauties on our lovely blog pages!!

Britten Wedding 10-01-14

The stunning and indulgent Libertie 2014 collection takes its inspiration from the glamorous Edwardian era and cleverly combines the era’s refined tastes in travel and luxury!!

I am sure you will agree the fusion of these elements results in something quite spectacular!!

Britten Wedding Hair Accesories 10-01-14

There are 24 pieces in total which are all lovingly hand created at The Britten workshop in Bath. All of this timeless elegance is created by individually stitching on every bead, hand cutting every pattern and sewing on every flower.

I totally adore that each piece is made with such dedication and passion and the special touches don’t stop there…

…the packaging these beauties come in is an artwork itself – total elegance with a gorgeous luxury gift box!!!

britten wedding accesories 10-01-14

The Fabulous Folk at Britten don’t just spoil you with resplendent headwear either!! Oh No, they also have lavish handbags you can indulge in too!!

fine wedding hair accesories

Oooh and not to mention those darling marabou feather fans!! – We love ‘em and think they would make a perfect alternative if you’re not keen on the traditional bouquet too!!

vintage hair accesories 10-01-14

The gorgeous Libertie Collection starts at what I think is a reasonable £95.00 when you consider just how unique they are and all of the time that is put into making them just perfect for you!!

Sarah, the founder of Britten Weddings has told us that while they hope they have created something just perfect for you in their current collections they also take on bespoke commissions too – so if you want the hairpiece of your dreams to be created – you know where to go!!

vintage wedding accesory 10-01-14

So ladies what’s your favourite piece?? ( I have a few) but ultimate fave is The Darcy hairpiece!!

If you are interested in getting in touch with Sarah go have a gander over on the Britten Website.

Lots of Love

Helen xx

P.S Anyone else lusting after those glossy locks – would love to know what the model uses to tame those tresses!!

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